The Carolinas Futurity

Carolinas’ Futurity Distinguished Service Award



A long-time supporter of the American Saddlebred, the recipient of this award is a “behind the scenes” kind of person.  Always present, never loud, and never complaining, this person is always supportive of what is best for the Futurity’s growth, both in our states and on the national level.  The entire family is involved with Saddlebreds in a variety of ways including breeding, showing, and serving as organization members to promote the Saddlebred.  He is always ready with a great idea for marketing our breed and ever ready with financial support for the Futurity.  Please recognize and congratulate Rance Boozer, the 2020 Carolinas’ Futurity Distinguished Service Award winner.



Carolinas’ Futurity Breeder’ Award



This year’s award recipient is a life-long supporter of the American Saddlebred.  While her children were showing, she could always be found on the rail cheering them on.  When the kids stopped showing, it was Mom’s turn to shine in the show ring and with the fine babies she has raised.  Her support of the Carolinas’ Futurity growth is evidenced in her yearly nominations, as well as her commitment to showing her horses in the Futurity classes each fall.  Please congratulate the Carolinas’ Futurity Breeder’s Award winner for 2020, Anita Simpson.


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